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Here at Broadway we have a variety of ministries. We understand the importance of serving in the Kingdom of God. Each ministry comes together for a different purpose with a common goal.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry blesses us every Sunday with wonderful worship.

Visitation/Deacons Ministry

The Visitation & Deacons Ministry help us grow our Church and Community.

Children's Ministry

We believe without children there is no future. Children's Ministry meets every Sunday in the fellowship hall to learn about Christ and also build useful developmental skills that will help them in everyday life.

Sound Ministry

The Sound Ministry keeps our audio in order every Sunday and Wednesday.

Digital Pastor

Understanding the affects of COVID-19, here at Broadway we want to meet you where you are. Meet our Digital Pastor, Roland Pierce II.

Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality Ministry helps us connect where connecting is needed.

Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry is here is help the congregation if there are any questions or items needed during service

Kitchen Ministry

The Kitchen Ministry is essential. Our Members love food, and its made right here at Broadway.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry meets every Wednesday for morning Prayer

Are you interested in joining a ministry?

If you are interested in joining a ministry or have questions about a ministry, click the button below and submit your request.

At Broadway Missionary Baptist Church we are a growing people with a big heart. Reaching in. Reaching out. Reaching up.

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